WordPress is successfully ruling the internet with millions of websites and every day the numbers are increasing rapidly. With large numbers of websites (more than 40% of websites use WordPress) using WordPress as their development platform, this popular open-source web development platform offers several benefits to its users. 

WordPress offers several form plugins in which Ninja Forms provides unmatched features to create contact forms efficiently & quickly.

You can easily install Ninja Forms plugins from WordPress Dashboard. Ninja Forms enables you to create contact forms like an expert developer. You can design stunning and user-friendly contact forms without any knowledge of coding or technology expertise.

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What Ninja forms will do?

Form builder makes it easy for website developers and designers to create forms with unmatched looks and functionality easily. Ninja form is also one of the superior form plugins of WordPress that anyone can use even with no tech expertise. Hence, it is known as a 100% beginner-friendly form plugin of WordPress.       

  • Ninja Forms Easy to Use & Customize – From simple contact us page forms to complex form designs, Ninja form plugins make it easy with just a drag & drop option. With seamless integration and easy customization option, there are many more reasons to choose Ninja as a custom form builder of WordPress.

  • Advanced Features, No Coding or Tech Expertise Require – Using its advanced features, you don’t require any coding expertise in creating advanced or custom forms. You can export or send the submission as google sheets, excel files, or PDFs.  It allows designing multi-page form or conditional forms. Simple row & column layouts enable beautiful form design.

  • Free & Paid Option – You can download free Ninja Form Plugins from WordPress. You can choose a premium option for add-ons or buy membership plans.

  • Secure Payment Option – Using Ninja forms, you can accept credit cards & PayPal payments easily & safely. You have unmatched options like a subscription or single payment, variable, fixed, or other amounts, & many options for all.

  • Make your lead generation campaign successful using Ninja forms – This best form-building plugin allows you to integrate completely with Constant Contact, Zoho, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, Insightly, and others. [ At 5freelancer, we offer expert services to make your lead generation campaign successful by integrating it with the most appropriate service.] for more information about lead generation in WordPress, visit https://ninjaforms.com/blog/generate-leads-in-wordpress/ 

  • Ready to Use Templates – Ease to quickly design a form using pre-built templates for different purposes like contact form, application form, PayPal form, request form for a quotation, MailChimp form, and several others.

There are several important features of Ninja Form plugins of WordPress like Customizable form templates, more than 27 field types, SEO and Mobile friendly, completely responsive, Unlimited forms, customizable notifications of emails from any form, translated into more than 16 languages, sharable public form links, and several other features.

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How to Install & Integrate Ninja forms?

You can easily install Ninja forms with just three steps.

  • In WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins, and click on “Add New”
  • On the Search box, type “Ninja forms”
  • Click on Install Now, after completion of installation, click on “Activate” to start working with it

For more details about installing Ninja forms, visit https://ninjaforms.com/docs/installation/ 

For more information about building the Ninja form, visit https://ninjaforms.com/docs/form-building/. Here, you will get all details to create a form from scratch.   

You can easily connect Ninja forms with services like Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Google Sheets, Excel, HubSpot, SMS notifications, and many others with premium extensions.

There are more than 40 integrations that include the Zapier Add-on to connect your Ninja form with over 3000 apps. From connecting with your CRM system, allowing payment on your form on the WordPress site, or more, Ninja forms offer more than you demand. You can use Zapier to connect your WordPress Ninja Forms to hundreds of services. It not just helps you to make your website feature-rich but also helps enhance web traffic, lead generation, affiliate program and more.  

For more information to integrate your Ninja forms like Zapier to connect with different services without coding, visit https://ninjaforms.com/extensions/zapier/

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Ninja Forms Pricing

You have two options: Memberships and Single Add-ons to buy a premium version of Ninja Forms.  

In memberships, you have four plans as follows.

[1] ELITE: $299/year* – Best plan for Agencies, large tech companies or IT businesses. You will get everything in this plan that includes premium support, all add-ons, and all add-ons of the future.

[2] PRO: $199/year* – This plan is suitable for medium-sized web development & designing companies, freelancers and businesses having limited websites. You can use it on 20 websites. This plan offers premium support, 16 add-ons and a 35% discount on additional add-ons.

[3] PLUS: $99/year* – This plan is best for small shops or businesses as it allows 3 websites only. With premium support, it offers 11 add-ons and a 20% discount on additional add-ons.

[4] BASIC: $49/year* – This plan is suitable for site administrators and individuals having their personal websites as it can be used with only one website. It provides premium support, 4 add-ons and a 10% discount on additional add-ons.

* In all plans, you can make auto-renewal at a nominal rate.

For more information or to buy a Ninja membership plan, visit https://ninjaforms.com/pricing/#extensions_start 

Ninja forms also offer single add-ons based on the requirement of your website with the following categories.

  • Manage Submissions
  • Email Marketing
  • Accept Payments
  • Custom Integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Manage Users
  • SMS Notifications

For more information about single add-ons, visit https://ninjaforms.com/pricing/#extensions_start 

At 5freelancer, we assist you to buy the most suitable add-ons essential to enhance the functionality of your site.

Ninja Forms Pros & Cons


  • You can download Ninja forms plugins free version from WordPress Dashboard. You can download & install it on any number of sites.
  • Using its premium version, you can get unmatched functionality in your Ninja forms like connecting with services like Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, and several others.
  • Moreover, useful guides, documentation, email, and great community support make it easy for users to create feature-rich forms.


  • You have to buy a premium version for extension or additional add-ons. Moreover, you have to pay separately for each add-on which becomes costlier for small businesses or individuals.
  • You can use it only with WordPress.
  • It requires basic designing skills to create attractive forms.

What tasks can be managed by Ninja forms?

  • Using add-ons and extensions, it becomes helpful for developers to create complex forms quickly & easily.
  • Ninja Forms offers several beneficial add-ons features, like Layout & Styles, PDF Form Submissions, User Management, Conditional Logic, Multi-Part Forms, File Uploads, Front End Posting, Excel Export, User Analytics, Save Progress, and several others.
  • In addition, you can integrate forms with several services based on the requirement of your business to organize, communicate, and grow, like Paypal, MailChimp, Stripe, and many more.
  • You can create different types of forms using Ninja forms, such as contact form, registration form, custom form, email form, payment form, login form, pdf form, feedback form, update profile form, survey form, conditional form, subscription form, multi-page form, and several others.
  • Thus, there are limitless options for creating forms using WordPress Form Plugins and Ninja Forms.

For more information about the free feature comparison chart of top WordPress Form Builder, visit, https://ninjaforms.com/blog/top-wordpress-form-builder-plugins/

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