If you are a developer, designer, WordPress beginner, or passionate to build your own website, WordPress offers tremendous options to design a stunning website. Having several free templates to form plugins, you have no limitations for adding features & functionalities to your site using WordPress. WPForms is also one of the best & superior drag-and-drop form builders popularly used for creating different form types, like contact us on your website.

WPForms is a trouble-free & powerful WordPress contact form plugin, also known as a beginner-friendly plugin. It allows you to quickly create Contact Forms, Survey Forms, Payment Forms, Registration Forms, and Newsletter Forms and have over 500 Templates. 

This simple drag & drop online form builder is one of the most user-friendly & best form plugins of WordPress, which is used by over 5 million websites.

Check this video for WPForms Overview, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiQ3viAGung

At 5freelancer, we help businesses create simple or complex WordPress forms with advanced features for their websites.

What WPForms Will Do

If you want to create a simple contact us form or build a Conditional Registration, Payment Form, or Logic-based Survey Form, WPForms is the best WordPress plugin that makes your task trouble-free. Using its powerful & rich features, it allows users to build a form quickly & efficiently.

  • No Coding with WPForms, Drag & Drop Form Builder – Creating a contact form becomes very easy & quick using this form builder. No coding expertise or experience is required for building an amazing form.

  • Design a form quickly using templates – WPForms offers more than 500 templates to build a form easily. Using its pre-built form templates, helps designers to save valuable time.

  • Create Responsive Forms – Now, it becomes easy to create responsive forms using WPForms. Creating mobile-friendly & responsive forms will not be difficult using this user-friendly WordPress Contact Forms Plugin. It works efficiently on tablets, mobiles, and desktops, thus completely responsive.

  • Multi-Page Forms – Now, you can split long forms into multiple pages that are not only easy to create but also make it simple for users to enter the details.

  • Smart Conditional Logic – With this advanced feature of WPForms, you can simply design high-performance forms. Based on the user’s selection, you can hide or show fields, give payment choices, and more options to collect relevant information.

Other features include Instant Notifications, File Uploads, Entry Management, User Registration, PayPal Commerce Add-on, Surveys and Polls Add-on, Google Sheets Add-on, Save and Resume Add-on, and several more. 

5freelancer offers proficient form-building solutions that include all types of forms.

How to integrate WPForms forms?

If you are looking to add WPForm Plugins to your site, you need to install them. Here, you will find a few steps to install & integrate it. For details, https://wpforms.com/how-to-add-wpforms-to-a-page-in-wordpress/

WPForms – Install & Activate

  • In WordPress, Plugins option, select Add New and search for WPForms, and you will find this best contact form Plugin.

  • Click on, Install Now button to start installing.

  • For paid plugins, you need to click on the Upload Plugin option, choose the file from your computer that you downloaded earlier, and then click on install now.  

  • Once you install a plugin, you need to configure the plugin setting. For more information https://wpforms.com/docs/a-complete-guide-to-wpforms-settings/. If you have a problem with plugin settings, at 5freelancer, we offer a seamless setting solution for your WPForms plugins.

Click here for step-by-step information, https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/step-by-step-guide-to-install-a-wordpress-plugin-for-beginners/

For free installation of WPForm Lite, visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpforms-lite/. It comprises limited features, and you can purchase plugins having different plans for advanced features.

At 5freelancer, we offer expert consulting for selecting the right WPForms Plugin plan that best meets your business requirements.

What are the WPForms Pricing?

Designing bespoke multiple-page forms becomes easy using WPForms. It offers different pricing plans that you can choose based on your business needs.

WPForms Basic – $49.50 / year: Basic plan is suitable for small businesses that require to use of forms on a single site. It offers Unlimited Forms, Users, Submissions, and all essential features with standard support.

WPForms Plus – $99.50 / year: Businesses can use this on three websites. It includes everything in the Basic plan plus marketing integration and form automation features with standard support.

WPForms Pro – $ 199.50/ year:  You can use it on five websites. It comprises everything in the Plus plan. In addition, the extra features include Accept Payments, Conversion Tools, Advanced Addons, and Advanced Form Feature with priority supports.

WPForms Elite – $ 299.50/ year: Best for web development companies, designers, developers, multinational companies, and others who require to use it on unlimited websites. You can use it on unlimited websites plus everything in the Pro plan.

In addition, the advanced features include Premium Integration, Site Management, and more with priority support. Click here to get more information about all plans of WPForms pricing https://wpforms.com/pricing/ 

What are the Pros & Cons of WPForms?

WPForms Pros

  • User-friendly & beginner-friendly
  • You can create forms using a simple drag & drop form builder
  • Quickly design forms using ready-made templates
  • Can create an unlimited number of forms, users, submissions
  • Easy to understand using Documentation & Video Tutorials
  • Using WPForms lite free version, you can use it on as many sites as you want.
  • In the free version, you will get all the basic features of the contact form, like form fields, email notifications, a    captcha for spam protection, and a thank you page for confirmation of the form.
  • With the premium version, you have unmatched features to build any form like order forms, payment forms, multi-   page forms, and more.            
  • They have many conversion-focused features, such as Form abandonment ( https://wpforms.com/features/form-abandonment/), User Journey (https://wpforms.com/addons/user-journey-addon/ ), Geolocation (https://wpforms.com/addons/geolocation-addon/ ), and many others.

WPForms Cons

  • You need a paid version to get more powerful & advanced features.
  • No trial version to buy a paid version
  • Limited features in the free version
  • It requires time to create a form of your own from scratch
  • No option to upload files at once.

What tasks can be managed by WPForms forms?

Even though known as a beginner-friendly form builder, WPForms is the most powerful WordPress plugin that can perform several tasks to build a different type of forms.

Using WPForms, you can create

  • Contact Form
  • Survey Form
  • CRM Connected Forms
  • Popup Forms
  • Booking and Event Registration Forms
  • Job Applications Forms
  • Image Upload Form
  • Testimonial Forms
  • Payment or Donation Forms
  • Subscriber Growth Forms
  • Frontend Posting Forms
  • Multi-Page forms
  • Lead Qualifying Forms
  • Instant Notification Forms
  • Offline Forms
  • Poll Forms
  • User Registration Forms
  • Customer Feedback Forms

For more details, visit https://wpforms.com/types-of-wordpress-forms/ 

At 5Freelancer, we have experience developing all types of WPForms forms using advanced features and functionality of this user-friendly plugin.

Write at nik@www.5freelancer.com to contact us for your customized need for WordPress Development or WordPress Consultation.

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